Hurcan Emre Yılmazer has put together what he calls the DroKnob and it turns that cool Foolcontrol app into an old school hybrid follow focus of sorts.


Hurcan is even talking about giving away the details so you can make the DroKnob yourself.

Check out Foolcontrol too.

foolproofing experiment with foolcontrol… from Mikael Lubtchansky on Vimeo.

get the app here :


Here’s a quick foolproofing experiment I did just before packing for Amsterdam…

mini torture test : multi-connecting 4 devices to a single DRAGON shooting the scene :-)

iPod touch iOS 8
iPhone 5 iOS 7
iPad mini iOS 7
OS X 10.9.4 (also tested 10.10 beta)

newly announced iPhones 6 and 6+ have a nice zoomed display mode so all should be good too until I redesign it specifically for those screens (in zoomed mode everything will just be a bit larger but still crisp as the app is mainly text and buttons and some people will actually like it since there are a LOT of buttons in the iOS app). Now let’s have a look at that Apple Watch dev kit…

sorry for the out of focus parts but wasn’t too easy vince I also was holding the camera in the other hand :-D

See more at REDuser.

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