Nick Shaw from Antler Post has written up a workflow guide for the Sony FS7 camera and Convergent Design Odyssey7Q recorder monitor.

Download Sony PXW-FS7 LUT's Convergent Design Odyssey7Q Workflow Guide

Nick has also developed some LUTs that improve color performance and also written a detailed instructional primer to processing the files in DaVinci Resolve.

Here is just the first part…

The guide describes the post workflow for material recorded from the RAW output on the extension back of the FS7. Material recorded from the HDMI or SDI outputs on the camera body does not require special treatment.

As of Odyssey firmware v4.10.100, DNG RAW files recorded by the 7Q from an FS7 may exhibit a magenta cast and other undesirable colorimetry when read in DaVinci Resolve, or other software. Material recorded using the RAW to ProRes functionality of the 7Q does not conform exactly to the S-Log3 tone-curve or either of the S-Gamut3 color spaces.

This guide will explain how to compensate for this in Resolve, matching the material to FS7 internal S-Log3 recordings in S-Gamut3.Cine color space. In addition it will explain how to apply a further LUT to convert S-Log3 to an image suitable for viewing on a Rec.709 monitor.

Head over to Convergent Design to get the complete post and see the LUT’s on offer & download the free Sony FS7 camera LUT’s.

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