Interesting looking DLC Cinema Skater Dolly from Dot Line Corp with its three push pull handles & sleek low angle all for just $170.

The DLC Cinema Skater Dolly from Dot Line Corp makes a breeze of table-top videography, low-angle tracking and reveal shots, and even dizzying 360° panoramic shots with any DSLR camera or small camcorder. Its three custom wheels feature fluid bearings. They’re slightly softer than skateboard wheels, so the dolly can roll over hard surfaces smoothly.

You can set the wheels at a variety of different angles, independently of one another – degree markers aid in precision. Position the wheels so they’re parallel, or set them so the Cinema Skater rotates 360° – that way you can even rotate an object that you’re shooting and maintain an unchanging background.

The compact Cinema Skater (about 12″ wide) provides four 1/4″-20 mounting positions – one directly in the middle and three others around that one. The included 1/4″-20 stud is removable and can mount your camera directly – or you can choose to mount a head for more flexible positioning. The extra mount positions can be used to mount arms for lights, monitors, etc.

CNC-machined, aircraft-grade aluminum construction for stability and durability

Three cutouts in the platform aid in lifting or carrying the dolly

The top of the platform measures only 0.5″ above the ground, enabling an extremely low profile

Please see Dot Line Corp for more camera accessory goodies and hit B&H up for the latest prices on the Camera Skater Dolly.

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