Volker Striemer shows us what happens when a DJI Ronin gimbal with extended arms meets an ARRI Amira camera.

DJI Ronin with a ARRI AMIRA from volker.striemer on Vimeo.

For a student feature Project, we test our DJI Ronin with extensions Arms and also a YAW Extension, with a Arri Amira camera.
The Setup is not so easy, it begins with the base plate solution and ends with the batterie.
But for simple walkings it works.
For the Camera Operator in this Video, it was the first contact with a Gimbal.
But both make a good job.

Have fun !

Links: Universal Ronin Mount and Arm Extension and a lot more for Ronin : www.cinemilled.com

or also a lot of Accessoires for Ronin: https://droneparts.de/DJI-Ronin—DJI-Ronin-M.html

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