Volker Striemer kindly pointed Cinescopophilia in the direction of some DJI Ronin tests on a certain Volker Striemer Vimeo page.

DJI Ronin – Test on a sailing boat from volker.striemer on Vimeo.

Camera Sony FS700
DJI Ronin

DJI Ronin Test2 – different movement and different focal lengths from volker.striemer on Vimeo.

The second Test. We tried different focal lengths and we are wonder, the DJI Ronin works also with longer
focal lengths very very smooth.

And for a bonus Volker threw in a bonus video showcasing the NiceDice…

NiceDice – a perfect camera grip solution for Viewfinder, Lights, monitor, transmitter etc. from volker.striemer on Vimeo.

It is not easy to add a viewfinder, or light, monitor etc, to a camera system, like a DSLR, FS700, URSA ….
So the moste Cameramen use Noga, ULCS arms, but they are always a compromise.
Look at this nice "dice" solution! I make this video, to share my enthusiasm with all cameramen and colleagues.

Thx for watching !
volker striemer

More information : https://nice-dice.de/

For order: https://nice-dice.tectum.tv/nicedice/
Light Set: 85,- Euro (https://nice-dice.tectum.tv/nicedice/sets/11/nicedice-light-set?c=6)
Sound Set: 155,- Euro (https://nice-dice.tectum.tv/nicedice/sets/12/nicedice-soundset?c=6)
Event Set: 255,- Euro (https://nice-dice.tectum.tv/nicedice/sets/13/nicedice-event-set?c=6)

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