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DJI – Behind the Scenes of “Open Your Eyes” from DJI on Vimeo.

Learn how the DJI short film “Open Your Eyes” was shot in one day using the DJI Ronin and Spreading Wings S900. Director Sheldon Schwartz discusses the shoot and inspiration for the story, while Ronin Product Manager Paul Pan explains how DJI’s revolutionary handheld gimbal met the on-set demands.
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DJI – Open Your Eyes from DJI on Vimeo.

In a dystopian future, the truth is hidden from citizens who have been put at the mercy of an authoritarian regime. Using the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ flying camera, our heroine flies out of the city and reveals the truth to everyone inside.
This short film was shot entirely in one day, a project only made possible by the flexibility and reliability of DJI technology. The DJI Ronin handheld gimbal and Spreading Wings S900 flying platform were used.

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