There are plenty of DIY’ers out there that are hell bent on making what they film look smoother.

A home made Steadicam seems to be very popular choice for the budget minded filmmakers.

Here are a collection of DIY Steadicams for your viewing pleasure. Some really old, mixed in with some new…

How to make • SteadyCam From 2 old Hard Drives

Rulof Maker

Homemade Steadicam GoPro Tutorial (DIY) // Steadicam Fai da Te per GoPro


How to make a DIY Steadicam™ (Camera counter balance)

I Like To Make Stuff

DIY gopro camera stabilizer for free – producttank

BEST Homemade Glidecam DIY Tutorial


The Merricam – No-Cost “Steadicam” DIY

Best DIY Steadicam – Cheap Bastards


DIY $13 Camera Stabilizer

Collin McDowell

steadicam on a string


One thing is for sure, if your videos are not getting any game: make a DIY Steadicam and watch the numbers click over.

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