Well this was a neat surprise… Dave C Beaty let us know on our Facebook page that he has been busy building his own DIY Joda Gimbal project.

Dave put together his own brushless gimbal handheld camera rig using one of those cost effective carbon fiber rigs as the base and building it up from there.

Dave has shared all his findings warts and all on his Blog over at Joda Gimbal.

DIY Joda Gimbal project

I just completed a new carbon fiber hand held brushless gimbal system for large DSLR or full sensor cameras. I first learned about this new CNC CF kit here on Cinescopophilia. We have just completed the build with remote RC control, Joystick controller and I am working on remote iris, focus and REC start stop control. The video rivals ANY footage shot with other systems with big cameras… Dave C Beaty

This is a demo of our new JODA Gimbal, a carbon fiber gyro active stabilized camera rig. Able to support cameras up to several pounds, the custom PCBs and firmware allow precise control over all aspects of stabilization, from joystick control, remote operator control, follow mode, hold mode and power.

We have put together a introduction to the components and working parts of the gimbal to show you how simple this project is. If you know how to solder, some basic electronics, installing drivers, have access to a drill and some tools, you can put this together yourself. We hope to create a Kit for sale in the near future. Thanks for your interest. Look for my Blog on Joda Gimbal… DB

Want more info on how you could put together your own brushless gimbal handheld rig, then watch more of Dave on his YouTube Channel: dbeaty2.

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