DIY Camera Rig Tutorial from Slacker on Vimeo.

This tutorial offers a cheap and and easy way of making a sturdy DIY camera rig.
Total build cost around 30 dollars US.
It is still under development so stay tuned for updates on modifications.

Big thanks to all who watched/like/shared my tutorial on the mine camera slider!!!

– 1 x 1 meter flat piece aluminium (39,37 inches) 2 cm wide (0,78 inches)
– 1 x 1 meter round tube aluminium (39,37 inches) 2 cm diameter (0,78 inches)
– 1 x 1 meter square tube aluminium (39,37 inches) 2 x 2 cm (0,78 inches)
– 1 x 1 meter threaded rod (39,37 inches) 0,8 cm diameter (0,31 inches)
– 6 x size 8 bolts (0,31 inches)
– 6 x washers (Bigger than the round tubing)
– 4 x thumbscrews size 8 (0,31 inches)
– 1 x threaded hight adjustment piece from a desk (Other stuff can be use instead)
– 1 x screw to attach the camera (Normally use to mount to tripod)

– Drill and drill bit
– Metal file
– Saw
– Measuring device
– Threading set (Optional)

Have fun and feel free to ask questions regarding the setup.

Please use safety equipment when working with tools and make sure that correct measures are taken to protect the surface you are working on.
I assume no responsibility for damages or injuries caused to- or by people attempting to recreate this rig.

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