DitoGear’s OmniHead; the motorized pan & tilt head for digital cinema, DSLR and timelapse cinematography is improving and upgrading. The OmniHead has been available for over a year but will now be twice as strong thanks to DitoGear’s new internal motor controller electronics re-engineering.

Improved payloads:

The pan axis payload has increased from 5kg to 12kg. As for the tilt axis – from 1.5 kg to 5kg. These figures are considered ‘safe’ meaning that depending on your camera configuration and size you can get it up and running even with a bit higher payloads.

DitoGear OmniHead

Starting from March, 10th, 2013 all new OmniHeads ship with the new electronics. For customers that purchased the product earlier, we have 2 upgrade options available.

Please see DitoGear for more information about their new improved OmniHead, and the upgrade paths available.

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