Say hello to the new DitoGear OmniSlider and the CrankSlider, and make sure to keep your salutations ready to unleash on the upcoming DitoGear DryEye, DryEye Lite, and DryEye Pro. Also there is more gear in the making from DitoGear with the “Professional-level linear motion control system for heavy cameras” “Entry-level timelapse slider” and a “PowerPack.”

Love a company that listens and the guys at DitoGear have been all ears to you and are making some tweaks and touchups on existing Sliders and are busy getting new gear ready for clever people to use of smashing shoots. So the existing DriveCam Slider will be phased out replaced by the new DitoGear OmniSlider.

DitoGear OmniSlider

Key features:

•Improved controller user interface
The convenient readout of important motion parameters has been added including large digits for speed damping, speed value, elapsed and remaining program time and slider position.

•Improved stability of the trolley
The new OmniSlider is manufactured now using even more precise rail system with much tighter linear bearing system. This allows fore more vibration-proof performance with different gear setups. This feature is unfortunately not available via controller upgrade as it is related to the rail design.

•Wider range of supported shutter-controllable cameras
OmniSlider controls shutter not only of Canon DSLR cameras, but also supports Nikon. RED One shutter release cables are also available upon request.

•Position memory
DitoGear™ OmniSlider has been given a position memory. After starting the unit at the initial position the trolley ‘knows’ its position with high precision.

•GoTo Position feature
Allows to precisely position the trolley at the desired position. The options allows to go to relative (percentage) position or to absolute position entered in millimeters.

•StopMotion features
We have received many inquiries from stop-motion artists and therefore a basic StopMotion feature has been developed. It allows, similarly to the timelapse modes known from previous models, to set the number of shots to be taken across the full travel length and fire each of shots manually. The camera may be controlled externally or via OmniSlider with a Shutter Release Cable.

DitoGear CrankSlider

The New DitoGear CrankSlider is a linear camera slider for those that are on a budget and for guys who like to do moves manually themselves.

Key features:

•Full range of lengths: 0.5m, 1m, 1.5m, 2.0m, 2.5m
•The same, appreciated rail design and quality build
•Extremely fluent linear bearing system
•Precise control of motion resistance with the adjustable brake
•Belt and gear-based drive system with convenient, adjustable crank for ultra smooth operation and precise control of the camera
•Noiseless operation

The retail price is EUR 549.00 for 1m version (~130 cm total length).

DitoGear CrankSlider Crank

Slide on over to DitoGear you know you want to.

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