Available to download from Google Play is the new DitoGear Evolution software. If you run an Android tablet 10.1″ and above then you’re welcome to familiarize yourself with the DitoGear Evolution User Interface free of charge.

DitoGear App

DitoGear Evolution is a revolutionary motion control software designed for controlling DitoGear motion control devices.

Required tablet
Anyone that has a tablet 10.1″ is able to install and test our application.
Don’t hesitate and check it out!

DitoGear Evolution is an innovative motion control software developed for controlling DitoGear motion control devices, including, but not limited to OmniSlider, OmniHead and LensDrive.
DitoGear Evolution Software requires the following hardware to work:

• one or more DitoGear motion control devices
• a DitoGear Evolution Interface

Operation modes• live action shooting mode
• timelapse mode including DSLR shutter triggering and bulb ramping (drive-shoot-drive and continuous)
• stop motion mode

DitoGear App 2

Please see DitoGear for more information about their Evolution App, and head on over to Google Play to download the App.

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