I have had a Dinkum Systems ActionPod for a while now and put it through its paces. First impressions on the ActionPod was that the size and weight were a good fit for a travel kit. I use it everyday. Then I quickly realised the ActionPod was a handy monitor arm for an Atomos Ninja 2 recorder that I was using in the studio.


The 1.5” jaw opening on the Dinkum Systems ActionPod makes it easy to slip the clamping monopod onto a tripod arm, or a camera cage top handle to place the Ninja 2 recorder into the right place. I have used the ActionPod with a small LED light as a back light and background highlight light by clamping it to light stands, chairs, tables and desks. On one project I used the ActionPod to hold a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera in place for an overhead timelapse shot.

As well as the ActionPods from Dinkum Systems I also have NastyClamps clamping monopods, and while similar to each other, they both have differences that set them apart. They both are made with segmented knuckles, the type and style Loc-line make for modular hoses used in industrial applications. So you know that stuff is solid. Yet the ActionPod knuckles can be easily pulled apart and lengthened or shortened to suit your needs. I have extra knuckles and have added and taken them out when I needed.

ActionPod 1

ActionPod 3

I looked at the GoPro Jaws Flex clamp with Gooseneck combo next to the Dinkum Systems ActionPod. The GoPro clamp jaw opens a fraction bigger but the price point for the ActionPod makes it super attractive. Plus the ActionPod base and head are interchange with other products that Dinkum Systems carry.

ActionPod 5

The Good:
Arm is fully adjustable
Pulls apart to lengthen, or shorten
Mouth size and strength of the clamp
The head screw design
Simple easy to use
Cost effective

The Bad:
I dropped the clamp on its nose and dinged the corner: That’s my bad

The Ugly:
I can’t think of anything bad for this category, so I will add a future request: on the clamp itself add a 1/4″ / 3/8″ screw thread for the times you need that extra mount point for a lightweight accessory

Please see Dinkum Systems for more about their ActionPod clamping monopod.

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