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Digital Bolex D16 VS. BMPCC Speed Booster Test from Dave Altizer Films on Vimeo.

This is a rough test using Metabones adapters on the Digital Bolex and Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera shot at my Great Uncle Bobby's house using his art from PORCELAINIA: The BMPCC speed booster really helps both cameras out in terms of low light ability and depth of field. I recently shot a wedding using the MFT D16 and the BMPCC speed booster, which I will post soon. This is just a test between the two cameras using the Metabones MFT to Nikon adapter and the Metabones MFT to Nikon BMPCC Speed Booster. All lenses were wide open.

There is no grade applied to the majority of the video. Please understand that this test was purely a test on the field of view between the two cameras and settings. I used ND to balance the exposure the best I could. The BMPCC needs an IR cut filter because the sensor doesnt have one…so I used the Hoya IR/UV filter which gives the image a much more greenish hue to it. I prefer the D16 color especially when graded properly. This test is very rough and was just to see the difference between the adapters.

If you have any questions let me know in the comments! Thank you Digital Bolex for letting me use the camera! I will have a detailed blog post on my experience with the camera on my blog soon.
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