Digital Bolex have announced their D16M Native Monochrome camera.

After a few months of testing we’re very excited to announce the D16M, boasting a black and white sensor for highest quality monochrome capture without the need to debayer, retaining a higher sensitivity to light and preserving the full dynamic range of the sensor.

D16M Native Monochrome camera

D16M Technical Specs

Kodak native monochrome sensor
Same resolution options as D16: Super 16mm (2K), 16mm (HD), and Super 8 (720p)
No OLPF filter to further maximize fine details
ISO 100, 200, 400, 800
500GB Hard Drive

Digital Bolex D16M Native Monochrome camera

Digital Bolex state the D16M Native Monochrome camera goes on sale from the 7th of April for $3999.99 and ships in 8-12 weeks.

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