DENZ make a PL-mount camera rig for the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K (BMPC) and the Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5K (BMCC).


It consists of a camera table with an integrated PL-mount, a superstructure and a top plate. In addition, the set includes a pair of aluminium tubes and a pair of bolt-on and twist rosettes for heavier lenses.

The firm connection of PL-mount to the camera table transfers all the weight to the PL-mount and camera table so that the Black Magic Camera is not under any strain.

The camera itself needs to be reworked and equipped with a new version made of stainless steel, so that PL lenses can be used with flaring last lens segments. The result is a very solid camera with a PL-mount which is available for all standard PL lenses.


A free flow of air to the ventilation inlets on the bottom of the camera is guaranteed, since the camera table has the needed openings.

If you want to only use the already existing on the Blackmagic Camera EF-mount and use the kit only as a framework , this is possible with the support ring for the EF-mounts on the Blackmagic camera.


DENZ Blackmagic Camera PL Mount Components:

camera table
top plate
PL-Mount adaption
2x Ø15mm aluminium rods
2 x screw on escutcheons
for Ø15mm-rod systems
with various 1/4″- und 3/8″- threaded holes
hot shoe on top plate
groove for rotation lock on the top plate and superstructure
lightweight design
underside with 1/4″- und 3/8″- threaded holes for tripods and bridge-plates

Please hit up DENZ for more on their PL Mount solutions for the Blackmagic cameras.

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