The Denz C300 Superstructure wraps around the Canon EOS C300 for some serious support. The Denz C300 Superstructure is made out of Konstruktal, a material of enormous strength and gives the opportunity to attach accessories like a monitor, batteries, recorders and so on. The C300 Support is prepared to be used with the Superstructure, so adding it later is not problem.

On each side of the Support two screws provide a force-fit bonding with the Superstructure. On the sides of the Superstructure 1/4” and 3/8” screw holes are provided and its delivered with 2 clamps for rods of Ø15mm. More clamps can be ordered if necessary.

On the Top and on the sides the distance between the clamps can be chosen to be either 60mm or 80mm enabling customization of the position of your equipment and the use of the C300’s own viewer.

A special handle provides additional mounting options (screw holes) and allows the save and ergonomic handling of the camera.

Keep an eye out for the Denz Bass Plate support for the Canon C300 as well.

The new Canon EOS C300 Support is based on the constructional basics of supports for DSLR-cameras, the Sony PMW-F3 and Panasonic AG-AF100.

Emphasis is put on perfect handling.

The camera is fastened by a centering pin, an index pin and a 3/8” screw.

Ø15mm rods are used with this support. Left and right rosettes with hirth-serration allow the attachment of handles and alike. The construction is made out of highly strengthened constructional –aluminium (space technology). This way the support remains extremely light while guaranteeing great stability. The height is adjusted in such a way that any equipment build for the 15mm rods can be used.

On the bottom-side a variety of tapped holes enable the usage of the DENZ BP-Multi and bridge plates of other brands.

Please see Denz for more information.

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