Enjoy some test footage from the Cooke Optics PANCHRO/i Classic 50mm and 75mm lenses.

Cooke Optics PANCHRO/i Classic 50mm and 75mm Demo Footage from Cooke Optics on Vimeo.

The new PANCHRO/i Classic lenses are true to the original look of the now legendary Speed Panchro, recreating the same look and feel of the original with the advantage of modern glass mounted for today’s cameras.

This test footage of the PANCHRO/i Classic 50mm & 75mm lenses was shot in a variety of studio test lighting scenarios to show characteristics commonly associated with Cooke re-housed Speed Panchros.

Two sets of re-housed Cooke Speed Panchros were used to depict a variety of the older lens characteristics and to confirm the repeatability and vintage look that the NEW Panchro/i Classic's were designed to deliver.

Both the studio interior comparison footage and the exterior beauty footage show the PANCHRO/i Classic's with frame outlines of the RED Dragon 6K and Alexa 1.78.1 sensor size's to highlight coverage area.

Michael Lindsay & Brendan McGinty

Dan Di Martino & Charlie Perera

Paul Gardner

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