On Twitter and Facebook it says that the Deity Mira Viewfinder is now available. However the actual website still states the old message that the Mira is available only for preorder. Well when you do get your Deity Mira Viewfinder that has been purpose made for the Canon EOS C300 and C500 cameras here is a little video showing you how to set up your new 4″ loupe.

Tutorial to explain how to install your Mira Viewfinder on the LCD panel of the EOS C300 or EOS C500.
Ten different steps to remember :
1- For a better comfort, put your camera on a tripod
2- Open your LCD at 90° (Right angle) to fix the cross
3- Clean your LCD with the Deity cloth provided in the Mira VF Box
4- Firstly attach the upper hook of the cross and then push the lower part of the cross on the back of the LCD.
5- Open your LCD at 180° (Flat position) and place the Mira VF on it
6- Attach & Clip the first clamp of the Mira VF to the upper hook of the cross on the LCD
7- Attach & Clip the second clamp of the Mira VF to the lower hook of the cross on the LCD
8- Turn your eyecup regarding the Mira position (Lower or Upper) and your dominant eye.
9- To use the Mira VF without the top handle of your camera remove the left tape measure hook
of your camera.
10- Enjoy the Mira Viewfinder !

Deity Mira Viewfinder

For more information about the Deity Mira Viewfinder please go to the Deity website HERE.

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