dedolight with the rundown on their DP.2 Imager light.

The dedolight DP2.1 imager is an attachment which fits onto either the tungsten DLH4 dedolight, or the newer DLED4 dedolight. The is a fantastic piece of equipment with enables light to be focussed onto a tiny area, no bigger than a matchhead, of the imager can be used project slides, or images printed on translucent material onto a background. Simply put, this unit lets you precisely project and control the placement of light.

Cinematographer Alex Bercovitch shows the dedolight DP2.1 in use and the results that can be achieved. This is a unique product which turns either the tungsten DHL4, of the LED dedolight DLED4, into a full featured effects light capable of amazing results. The results would difficult or impossible to achieve in another way.

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