First up I love this gimbal, that’s no secret. However it got banged up, but here’s the thing, you would never know it got damaged.


I have flown and used the Zhiyun Z1 Evolution gimbal all over Australia filming reality TV shows. At one stage during a long haul flight from Perth the gimbal took a knock, and or got squashed, bending both the camera support screws.


I managed to straighten them back up as much as I could. One of them was almost at right angles.
The Z1 even with bent screws still rocks out a solid horizon, and performs like a champion. So just like a bought one.

Now I wanted to see just how bad the Z1 accident made the footage look. So I tested the Z1 Evolution gimbal with the Elephone EleCam Explorer Elite 4K Action Camera filming at 120fps, running, and again with the Ambient QP Series Microphone Boom Pole combo for some fake drone shots.


I couldn’t be happier with the Z1’s performance, it took a hit and bounced straight back up.

Zhiyun-Tech make a pretty bullet proof hand held gimbal.

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