Can You Repair a Damaged Blackmagic Camera Successfully Yourself?

Warning the following images may upset some readers…

Damaged Blackmagic Cinema Camera Teardown and Repair

Sam Miesner from Miesner Media accidentally inserted an SSD in the wrong way round into a Blackmagic Cinema Camera. This action resulted in major damage to the camera and the camera needed desperate repairs just hours before a major shoot.

What did Theo do? Why he pulled the Blackmagic Cinema Camera apart and repaired it of course.

Theo was a stupid idiot and shoved an SSD in to his camera the wrong way. The night before a shoot we delve into the adventure of finding and fixing the problem.

Here is Theo and his stripped down Blackmagic Cinema Camera in surgery.

What if you successfully performed a Blackmagic camera teardown, but were unable to revive it?

From youser23

this BMPCC has a damaged microHDMI port because of to much mechanical force coming from a thick hdmi cable and because microHDMI is the worst nightmare.
I wanted to try to fix it but probably wont be able to, since the port was ripped of with the soldering pads. Still interesting to see the inside of the camera.
Sorry for the changing light – my camera was set to auto-light as i realized later.

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