Specifically designed with DSLR’s and other cameras with clean HDMI out transmission, the CVW 100 wireless HD video transmitter is capable of sending live vision over 100m / 330ft line of sight.

CVW 100 Wireless HD Video for HDMI


Wireless HD video for DSLR/DV
Up to 1080P HD video display & broadcasting
External Battery for portable usage


As the widely use of live broadcasting,there is some problem existed in the process of cable solutions, such as the high cost and short-life usage of the cable. Also, the cable trouble by accidents under insufficient site protection is the major cause of cable performance,even lead to the live broadcast accident. We provides you with more convenient and safer solution for live HD video broadcasting. The long distance transmission system applied with the high-capacity Li-battery, plug-and-play setting, can fully meet requirements of outdoor and indoor shooting. Especially, wireless transmission will be safer and bring more professional experience to you!


-Wireless HD video transmission for DSLR/DV
-Support up to 1080P HD video display & broadcasting without latency or compression
(includes 480P/60Hz,576P/50Hz,720P/50Hz,1080P/23Hz,1080P/24Hz,1080P/30Hz)
-Up to 100m/330ft.effective range line of sight
-Support external Li-battery supply for mobile convenience
-Support Hot-shoe insrallation with 1/4 screw nut
-Support audio input from external microphone
-Hi-quality LCD screen display signal & battery status of product

Please see CV-HD for more information.

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