Ranjith Kumar has posted a video and details of a custom slider called the Portable Camera Slider Dolly System or PCSDS.

This was originally put up on YouTube over a year ago, but with less information. The slider comes from an Indian company called Film Innovationz.

Portable Camera Slider Dolly System PCSDS

Portable Slider Dolly System from Ranjith Kumar on Vimeo.

Portable Slider Dolly System

Custom made limited edition Portable Camera Slider Dolly System (PCSDS) which is designed to help you to capture dynamic movement shots, add cool video to your digital skill set by using a new generation hand-held HD camcorder and video-ready DSLR, or professional video camera. This PCSDS will provide you a portable solution and professional results for compact video productions. It will enable you to create tracking shots on a specially designed slider dolly and track. The Poly Urethane wheels have two radial ball bearings which make the dolly easy and quiet to move and can protect the camera from turbulence. This system offers high quality and unique camera tracking movements especially suits for low angle and table top movements.

Technical Specifications & Supplied Accessories:
• Size: 1200mm length x 450mm, width x 125mm, height.
• Dollies & track end cups made of Mild Steel (MS) heavy duty durable metal with 2mm thickness.
• Track legs are made of Mild Steel (MS) heavy duty durable metal and 5mm thickness with 10mm levelling knobs.
• Dolly sliding tracks made of high quality 304 grade Stainless Steel metal. Size: 1200mm length x 25mm square x 2mm thickness.
• Laser cut for fine finish and precision, loading capacity upto 7 kilograms.
• All the hardware fittings are with high quality stainless steel.
• Imported solid build Poly Urethane roller skate style wheels attached with stainless steel ball bearings.
• Size of the wheel: 55mm diameter x 24mm thickness. Colour: Grey & black core.
• Export quality standard heavy duty polyamide black 40mm diameter head knobs with 8mm threads.
• Additional industry standard 6mm lengthy thread holes for magic arm, mini ball head and other camera accessories to use.
• Standard and durable matte finish textured powder coating in black colour.
• High quality padded carry bag (size: length 1250mm x width 250mm x height 150mm).
• Gross weight including carrying bag: 6 kg.
• Heavy duty metal ball head with quick release adapter and sliding plate (optional item).

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