From Convergent DesignOdyssey Firmware v2015.5

New Features in the Release…

+ Expanded Odyssey LUT System, including custom 3D-LUTs

  • Improved & Expanded set of Preset LUTs
  • Support for user-loadable custom 3D-LUTs (up to 140, Odyssey7Q, Odyssey7Q+)
  • 17x, 32x, 33x, 64x, 65x 3D-LUT (.CUBE format) Supported
  • .CUBE Luts translated for Odyssey using CD 3D-LUT Converter App
  • LUTs are currently for MONITORING only, not “baked in”
  • LUTs viewed during recording noted in XML file metadata
    (new CD Apple ProRes Transfer Utility 1.7 required)
  • Extended and Legal Range LUTs Supported (EE vs LL)


+ LUT Routing to Tools & Outputs

  • Image Analysis Tools can measure “LUTTED” image or original source
  • Video outputs can independently turn ON/OFF LUT or Mirror OLED

+ Anamorphic Desqueeze

  • 2.0x, 1.5x, 1.33x Support
  • Corrected image sent to video outputs, recording unaffected

+ 4K / 2K Monitoring Modes (Odyssey7Q, Odyssey7Q+)

  • 17:9 Letterboxed within 16:9 image or Center-Cut to 16:9
  • Letterbox or Center-Cut image sent to video outputs, full frame recorded

+ Monochrome Monitoring Mode

  • View Luma only or individual Red, Green, or Blue channel in grey tone

+ Dual Zebras

  • Set high & low for each, can overlap, separately selectable colors

+ Expanded False Color Mode

  • Added Pink for Six colors
  • Each color set high & low, can overlap

+ Expanded OLED Controls

  • Advanced Monitor Calibration Control
  • Color channel bias controls, SMPTE color bars reference

+ Improved Multi-Stream Mode Switching

  • Switch between inputs without image flicker or glitch

+ Safe Eject at Power Down

  • Automatically closes all file directories on shut down

+ Improved Sony FS RAW color reproduction

  • Improved image quality in CinemaDNG and Apple ProRes recording
  • FS700 Apple ProRes recording with S-Log2 or REC709(800%)
  • FS7 CinemaDNG & Apple ProRes require SGamut3.Cine Color Space

Fixes & Improvements…

+ FIXED AUD OUT (Headphones) unmute
+ FIXED Audio gain settings when switching Analog to SDI
+ FIXED Safe Eject process to remove OLED flashing during procedure
FIXED FS700 4K RAW -> HD Apple ProRes detection
IMPROVED 4K Apple ProRes playback
IMPROVED 4K pixel zoom 1:1 and 2:1
IMPROVED PSF output support in all modes
IMPROVED Reduced overall power usage
IMPROVED Interlaced playback support
IMPROVED 4K -> HD Apple ProRes playback

Software Updates…

+ CD Apple ProRes Transfer Utility 1.7
+ LUTs viewed during recording noted in XML file metadata
+ Pomfort LiveGrade Support for Odyssey LUTs

Convergent Design continues to update and expand the capabilities of the Odyssey7Q+, Odyssey7Q and Odyssey7 monitor/recorders to help extend the lifespan of our clients’ tools.

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