CTRL+Console is a new iOS app that turns the iPad into a gesture and touchscreen interface for your computer running Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and Quicktime.


“Straight out of the gate this app provides you with a well thought out, sleek and very intuitive interface that makes serious video editing, with serious tools, simple.” – Robert Gordon

Funded on Kickstarter and demoed from Adobe’s booth at the National Association of Broadcaster’s tradeshow (NAB), CTRL+Console is an iOS app that transforms the iPad from a content consumption device, into an essential tool in content creation. It is modelled after hardware interfaces like the Lightworks console to bring expensive and custom tools to everyone in an app that combines the easy usability of a touchscreen interface with the intuitive flexibility of gestures. Allowing both amateurs and professionals to benefit.

Keeping your eyes on the footage is essential for editing and CTRL+Console’s unique gesture system allows editors to cut an entire sequence without ever having to look down at the iPad. Jog and shuttle with frame-by-frame accuracy, mark in’s and out’s, and insert the clips into your timeline with easy-to-learn gestures that can be executed anywhere on the iPad.

Set up is simple. Download the free CTRL+Console desktop app to your workstation and connect your iPad via WiFi or an adhoc connection. Whether at home or on the go our proprietary networking protocol provides immediate, hardware-like responsiveness.

Quicktime console comes free with the app. Additional consoles for Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere are available as in-app purchases. Compatible with Win XP+ and OS X 10.6+.

CTRL+Console is designed to empower creatives to focus more on art and less on operation.

(Available now on the App Store)

Console Pricing and Compatibility:
Quicktime CONTROLLER (free): Playback controls for Quicktime 7 & X on Mac and PC
Final Cut Pro CONTROLLER ($5 in-app purchase): Transport controls for FCP 7 & X
Final Cut Pro EDITOR ($30 in-app purchase): Full edit controls for FCP 7 & X
Adobe Premiere Pro CONTROLLER ($5 in-app purchase): Transport controls for CS 5.0, 5.5, 6.0 and CC on Mac and PC
Adobe Premiere Pro EDITOR ($30 in-app purchase): Full edit controls for CS 5.0, 5.5, 6.0 and CC on Mac and PC

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