Cool-Lux will be showcasing their new line of cinema camera shoulder rigs and mounting accessories at NAB trade show Las Vegas.

Cool-Lux NAB

Cool-Lux is adding a new line of camera rigs and accessories to their already successful line of high CRI LED lighting sources. Both product lines will be showing at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) trade show on April 13th 2015 in Las Vegas.

Cool-Lux will feature four cameras outfitted with their new shoulder rigs as well as individual components at NAB booth #C10339. The Cool-Rigs, as they’re being called, are grouped into four categories: the FS7 Cool-Rig, which features a rosette mount for the Sony FS7 handle, the ENG Cool-Rig, which features a single telescoping hand grip, the Cine Cool-Rig, which features dual telescoping hand grips, and the Classic Cool-Rig, which features an elegant solid walnut handle. There are options for mounting counterweights or a cheeseplate to the rear of these rigs as well as a top handle for carrying the rig or getting low-mode shots. All Cool-Lux camera rigs include the new patent pending Cool-Lux SHIFT Baseplate which features an innovative flip-out tripod mount that acts as a chest pad in shoulder rig mode. The baseplate is fully adjustable to work with any camera and has over 4.5 inches of balance adjustment via a sliding dovetail camera mount. The SHIFT Baseplate uses the 15mm Light Weight Support (LWS) standard for lining up and attaching accessories.

Cool-Lux will also be releasing their patent pending Lux Gear, a continuous lens gear solution. The gears are designed for a wide range of photography lenses so they can be used with any standard cinema style follow focus. In addition to its new Rig and Accessory Line, Cool-Lux will be showcasing its line of on-camera LED lighting, lighting kits, fresnel and LED panels. The versatile on camera CL-160 is powerful and durable in any application. The CL-500, CL-1000 and CL-2000 continue to impress lighting directors, photographers and chief engineers. With a CRI above 95 and a best in class 3 year warranty, Cool-Lux lighting products are the choice of many networks, local group stations and independent shooters. Cool-Lux is a manufacturer of high quality lighting and camera accessories for video professionals.

Cool-Lux is a division of PromarkBRANDS.

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