Remember that white and gold or blue and black dress debate, that I didn’t care about, you didn’t either? Shock.

Now it turns out that the camera world has it’s own equally agonising visual conflict.

RED applied for a trademark number 86550671. It’s a simple drawing of a skull with a W in it. Or does it have to V’s in it?

RED Weapon logo

I can clearly see the W in that skull, and I will fight anyone to the death that says it has two V’s in it… I would have said if I hadn’t looked at it more than once.

Does that simple logo drawing turns out to be a very clever design.

The W is for the RED Weapon camera of course and if you look closely, does it also contains two V’s and that then equals Weapon VistaVision.

On a side note it has always been VisaVision to me. I keep seeing Vista Vision written. The Dude does not abide.

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