For when a Mattebox is too much, and an Eyebrow seems about right on your DSLR and small cameras to kill that flare, that light source that is interfering with your shot. The Dinkum Systems lens shade is a good fit.

COMPACT Lens Shade From Dinkum Systems Review:

Think of it as an Eyebrow / Top Flag on a flexible arm. Well that’s how I see the COMPACT lens shade anyway.

It’s simple and quick to use, just pop the flexible arm on via a hot shoe adapter, adjust the arm and aluminum shade to suit. Away you go.

COMPACT Lens Shade 1

COMPACT Lens Shade 2

I have been rolling with a COMPACT lens shade from Dinkum Systems for a while now and throw it in with the DSLR kit. It’s handy of course for keeping stray light out, but also for times that light rain has fallen and I need to keep the lens free from moisture. I live in the sub tropics, so the sun and moisture are a constant battle.

The COMPACT lens shade could probably be renamed the Handy COMPACT lens shade.

COMPACT Lens Shade 3

The thing with the COMPACT lens shade is, is that it does exactly what the name implies. It is a compact lens shade. It doesn’t try to be fancy. It’s simple and it’s effective.

I used a CINE lens shade nearly 10 years ago for the production and broadcast cameras I filmed with back then, and I should have grabbed a COMPACT lens shade a lot earlier for my DSLR kits that I use now.

COMPACT Lens Shade 4

The Good
The flexible arm

The Bad
I would like to pull the knuckles apart to lengthen or shorten but that’s not an option

The Ugly
Kind of ugly and it’s splitting hairs- the hot shoe adaptor screw down thread is plastic

Please see Dinkum System for more about their COMPACT lens shade.

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