Bowens, in just over 9 days will launch Comodo Orbit, their camera stabilisation device invented by Leonard Retel Helmrich and designed to provide photographers and cinematographers a radical new ‘single shot’ cinematic option.

Comodo Orbit

Orbit, the brainchild of multi-award-winning Dutch film director Leonard Retel Helmrich, enables users to shoot a scene in a single take using just one camera moving ‘fluidly – almost like flying – around the subject’ and has been developed by Bowens to spearhead its Comodo camera rig and grip range.The new device, which incorporates a unique patented twin-grip capability, allows users to move freely with the action – allowing seamless access into places previously considered impossible with other support systems and creating a totally exclusive viewer perspective.

Please see Comodo Rigs for more information about the Comodo Orbit camera rig.

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