Evan Glodell designed and built 2 cameras based around the K100 16mm Turrett camera to shoot his movie Bellflower.

The Coatwolf I and the Coatwolf II were used to the film the Sundance Film Festival selected movie Bellflower and are made from passion, love, bits and stuff that goes in and lots of junk and stuff that goes out, plus plenty of glue. Maybe some Gaffa too.

Not content with just inventing cameras, Evan also built for Bellflower a flame thrower and an in car whiskey dispenser.


Catwolf I

After being locked away in my workshop mostly alone for almost a month now. I finished the top secret new camera. I don’t think i have ever been more excited… or relieved. I feel like a weird sewer rat afraid of people and sunlight hiding in my dirty secret location. But i now have one of the coolest cameras ever.

After much thought, i decided to call it Coatwolf Model II (it’s named after it’s old dirty friend) and what better way to celebrate than take a picture of the camera.

Catwolf II



Thanks to Wheelhouse Creative for the video.

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Thanks to @fastcodesign for the heads up on the Coatwolf II camera.

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