Cinevate have adapted their existing Simplis rig and added wheels called it Trawly and in doing so have come up with a portable versatile compact mini tripod, dolly, slider and as Cinevate says a Lomo, Crossover, Crab, Roundy Round, and a Support Rig. Half expect one of those names to have been a Loonie or a Toonie to be honest…. In the video demo pretty sure the support rig on the ice configuration should have gone into a caddy style mode for a much steadier and cleaner shot.

dealers can order as of today. From we’ll take online orders and ship product ( lead time 2 days) March 1st. Intro pricing is $449. If you already own a Simplis Dual, good news…you just need the wheel kit which will be available at the same time and is $99.

If you have a spare moment read the comments on the Cinevate Blog regarding the price of the Trawly and other manufacturer rigs. Here is a reply from Dennis at Cinevate…..

Pricing a product is so, so much more than what meets the eye. Case in point, a single injection mold can run over $25 000. Another cost which is completely hidden is on the development side. Cinevate employs and works with two nearly full time 3D CAD designers, Chris who manages products and runs our rapid prototype / metal prototype functions, and further staff involved in patents, marketing, business management, shipping and assembly. In other words, the material cost of a product is only a small part of the equation. Your point on tools of the trade is right on track. Nearly all of our customers are professionals, and so are we. Therefore if something doesn’t work well for us, we don’t sell it. This dictates a very high build quality, stainless fastener sets, corrosion resistant metal finishing … and a constant push forward in terms of simplicity and design. Cost is something we’re all keenly aware of, but not at the sacrifice of quality, service and support.


Please see Cinevate for more details.

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