Keep an eye out for this pretty little number by Cineped.

Cineped is a value-creating camera support system and it consists of 3 components: 1-3.5 ft rotational slider, 1-mechanical post, and 1-spider type base with 4 legs and 4 wheels. Normally, it takes 2-3 minutes to assemble & disassemble.

Cineped provides a variety of precise camera movements from smooth flowing images, rapid & sudden movements to long camera movements like the dolly or steadicam on fine smooth surface.

Cinematographers/videographers can make instantaneous and unique camera movements by a simple push, pull, slide, swing, turn and walk with the camera at any place.

One of the Cineped’s inventive camera movement is called the “twirling movement.” The twirling move is spinning or rotating around the object in a rhythmic or artful manner. This is different from the “swirling movement,” which is a 360 degree turn around the dancing couple to magnify their emotions to the audience.


T-PATTERN rotating mechanism
(freedom of speed)
Mechanical telescopic post
(freedom of operation)
Spider Type Mobile base
(freedom of movement)
Interface with others
(3/8 inch speed rail holes)
Basic height with camera : 58″
(4 ft 10 in)
Extended height with camera: 74″
(6 ft 2 in)

CINEPED consists of 3 components

3.5″ rotational slider
(42 lbs)
14″ – 22.5″ manual crank post
(30 lbs)
24″ spider type base with 4 legs and 4 wheels
(52 lbs)


Aircraft Quality Aluminum 6061

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