You front up with this CineMilled Steadicam Armpost Adapter and the Title Gravity gimbal set up, and everyone will know you’re there for business.

CineMilled Steadicam Armpost Adaptor on Tilta Gravity Gimbal Tutorial from CineMilled on Vimeo.
Cinemilled Tilta accessories

Mount your Tilta Gravity gimbal to any Steadicam arm for 4th axis vertical stabilization, a great solution to take the weight off your arms!

First, you will need our “Cinemilled universal mount” **Required** for the the Tilta gimbal. Simply mount this adaptor to your “CineMilled Tilta mount Plate” then slide your handlebars thru it and slide your RONIN into the mount and secure. Then have an assistant help you slide the the adaptor onto your Steadicam arm directly into the Steadicam arm “Armpost”. It then can be secured via a pinch bolt and a aircraft style safety pin. This will vertically stabilize your Ronin via the Steadicam arm and also take all the weight off your arms and distribute into your body via the comfortable Steadicam vest. You will never want to use an Easyrig again!

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