CineMilled Ronin Quick Plate Tutorial from Pedro Guimaraes on Vimeo.

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Mount your Ronin to a tripod, steadicam, car mount, cable cam……your imagination is the limit!!
Designed to simply and quickly slide out from you Ronin factory “handlebar rig”, then slide into our “Ronin Quick Plate”. Once on the “RQP” you have a multitude of standard threaded holes (1/4-20 and 3/8-16) on the center and any corner. In addition our plates are machines to make use of the factory safety stop. This avoids the ronin from slipping out before you secure it tight just like the factory DJI handlebars.
You can use any of these threaded holes to mount the quick adaptor plate and the Ronin on your tripod quick plate, your multirotor helicopter, your steadicam, your jib or crane and any number of things.
Add standard eyelets bolts (home depot) and you can easily convert it into a cable cam with some rope or cable….you can even use these same eye loops or carabiners to clip in and mount to a rope and pull up or down vertically.
You can use the many 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 treaded holes as mount points to attach onto a vehicle or even a full size helicopter and make a bungee cord mount.
You can add our “Steadicam armpost adaptor plate” to mount your ronin onto a steadicam arm! COMING SOON!
The possibilities are endless….!! The sky is the limit!!
Unleash your RONIN! Get your “RQP” today!!!

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