Behind the scenes look at the CineMilled PRO Ring in JIB Mode being used handsfree on a Segway.

CineMilled PRO Ring – "JIB Mode" Behind the scenes of our Demo video! using handsfree segway from CineMilled on Vimeo.

Quick Look into new "Jib mode" for our new CineMilled PRO Ring.

Filmed while setting up for a bigger shoot.

Normally you can use our PRO Ring for regular gimbal or handheld work, Ronin/MOVI -etc…….but now…..ONE MORE MODE!!

By using the optional Readyrig "spindle mount" you can use our PRO Ring with your ReadyRig GS support system and our special clamps to allow the Gimbal to freely rotate on the top tube. This keeps the gimbal level and turns your Cinemilled PRO Ring into a walking Jib/crane!!

Get exciting new shot possibilities without adding much complexity! Go from low to high in one smooth shot…..from ground level to up to 12 feet high!!!! all while walking or running!

Works with DJI Ronin gimbals or Freefly MOVI gimbals

Cinemilled PRO Ring, Ready Rig and the new Handheld mount plate will all be available on our website for purchase

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