CineMilled are showing off their Pro Ring handheld mount for ReadyRig GS.

CineMilled PRO Ring – Handheld Mount for ReadyRig GS from CineMilled on Vimeo.

What you have all been waiting for….
Quick Look into new "Handheld mode" for our new CineMilled PRO Ring.

Normally you can use our PRO Ring for gimbal work, Ronin/MOVI -etc…….but now…..ONE MORE MODE!!

By using the optional Readyrig "spindle mount" you can use our PRO Ring with your ReadyRig GS support system.

Then by adding our "HandHeld mount plate" to the ring you can then use the support system to operate in regular hand held mode.

Perfect for high energy camera movement, like fight scenes or general action scenes when you DO NOT Want the camera to be stable. Where you need very fast whip pans, fast tilt ups etc.

Now when the director ask for "handheld" you can strap the readyrig on and operate handheld and give the director kinetic energy in the shot and save your back and career at the same time!!

Cinemilled PRO Ring, Ready Rig and the new Handheld mount plate will all be available on our website for purchase

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