Update: See CineMatics “High Cost Customized Film Lens” Circle of Confusion the Mathew Duclos Blog for a very accurate take on the Cinematics.

We have seen some Cinematics camera gear getting around like their matte box and follow focus but now we see they are rehousing ZE/ZF Zeiss Distagon glass. Prices start from $1065 for the Distagon 50mm T* f1.4 lens and go up to $3083 for the Makro Planar T* 100mm f2 lens. Mounts available are the Canon EF bayonet mount, Nikon F-bayonet mount, Pentax K-bayonet mount. There is also optional mounts available at extra cost: Olympus, Panasonic 3 / 4, PL. Each customized film lens is shipped with a Φ114mm rubber lens hood protector. Cinematics are also rehousing zoom lenses like the T* 128mm – 320mm f2.8 lens, which costs $3,124. *Update via Twitter conversations a few guys are saying they are just clad to look like a CP.2 lens. Not a lot of love happening*

The optical part of the main selection of brand new original authentic German Zeiss (You can also specify the brand model), the mechanical parts of the film camera gear ring designed and debugged by Pchood Technology professional team of engineers, use high-end CNC machining centers for each of lens custom processing, custom installation of the film ring gear, the use of advanced laser optical measurement LEICA moments equipment, accurate detection of the optical focal length parameter of each lens, using high-precision laser processing equipment, carefully engraved surface of the lens focal length information.


Our company has received the patent of mechanical structure of the film camera in China, and PCT international patent has been officially declared, if found in violation, please report and provide relevant evidence, verified by the relevant part to reward a film lens.


Customized products for different models, prices vary, please consult staff before purchase, thank you.
Three-year warranty, good after-sales service for your peace of mind.
You can also put your own collection of classic entrusted us to customize your lens into a professional movie lens, allowing you to more accurately control and reach your dream movie.



See Cinematics for more information.

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