Lars Lentz Productions has a play with VisionColr LUTs.

Cinematic Film Emulations – via VisionColor Osiris™ Look-up Tables (LUTs) from Lars Lentz Productions on Vimeo.

This is a test of the VisionColor Osiris™ LUTs that are Cinematic Film Emulations based on photochemical processes for film.

VisionColor Osiris™ LUTs Description:
"These complex look-up tables have been generated by an image matching system for pixel accurate conversion of common digital video color spaces to match the aesthetic qualities of analog reference scans -mathematical precision not achievable with regular color grading tools!"

Available from VisionColor:

LUTs used in this video are:
Delta (Rec.709 & LOG)
Vision 4 (Rec.709 & LOG)
Vision 6 (Rec.709 & LOG)
Prismo (Rec.709 & LOG)
KDX (Rec.709 & LOG)
Jugo (Rec.709 & LOG)
DK79 (Rec.709 & LOG)
M31 (Rec.709 & LOG)
Vision X (Rec.709 & LOG)

Filmed with an Olympus TG camera. Rec 709 was used for all. This was best for this type of camera output.

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