Remember that Camera Skater Dolly we showed you for $170 HERE. Well we found the same Cinema Skater Dolly from Kamerar for just $120.

Thanks to LJ Lee for the video review of the Kamerar Skater Dolly:

The Kamerar Cinema Skater is the perfect tool for quick cinematic camera movements. The unique articulating three wheels allow smooth tracking movements from side to side, forward / back, and rotational tracking that basic linear sliders cannot perform. The extra large platform can mount large video fluid heads, and heavy camera equipment.

The Cinema Skater platform provides three 1/4-20 access threads to mount accessories. We recommend our Kamerar ‘Tough’ Friction Arms for mounting accessories to the Cinema Skater.

Please see Kamerar for more on the Camera Skater Dolly and even more quality cost effective camera gear.

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