Chrosziel Light Weight Support LWS 401-FS7 for SONY PXW-FS7 camera.

Chrosziel Light Weight Support LWS 401-FS7

Features LWS 401-FS7:

Sony V-Mount for Chrosziel QuickLock Plate 401-130, Sony VCT-14 or Arri V-Lock-Baseplate
Can be combined with Chrosziel 19 mm DigiCine Bridgeplate 401-F235*
Slideable Shoulderpad, robust and sturdy
LWS safely screwed on the camera base at several points for stable fixing
Rod clamping for Ø15 mm rods, 205 mm long, with thread insert for extention rods
Retrofit rear rod clamping 401-FS7-01
Hirth rosettes for combination with Chrosziel Leather Handgrips 403-30
Optional use of Cheeseplate
Perfectly balances the camera on the shoulder
Light-weight and easy to use

*requires accessory 401-FS7-03 (Tripod adapter plate for LWS 401-FS7)

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