2 Axis Gimbal, or 3 Axis Gimbal? It is a question you must answer before getting a MUVISTAR brushless gimbal camera rig because the Maxicopter rig sells with a few different configuration options as a made to order system.

maxicopter muvistar brushless gimbal camera rig

The MUVISTAR brushless gimbal camera rig comes in five different flavours:
KIT A – $1999
KIT B – $3499
KIT C – $3999
KIT D – $4999

Here is a straight rip about the Muvistar:

It is steady cam device of a new concept of controlled electronically using the sensors and brushless motor.
+ Specification
– size : 520w x 350h x 300d mm
– weight : 2kg
– supporting camera : Canon 5D Mark III, EOS-1D C & DSLR
– payload : below 2.5kg (4114 motors update for bigger cameras)

+ Basic kit Packing list
– 3-axis steady cam for DSLR
– 3-Axis controller

+ Requirement
– Radio transmitter & receiver(2.4ghz, more 6channel)
– Wireless video input/ output device.
– 3~-4.

It must be adjusted out three axis G0(center of gravity) by mounting the camera and lens users need.

It can use the zoom lens, but the angle of view is fixed.it is not possible to use the zooming during operation due to a change in center of gravity.

It can not use a product that can give a load to the operation when using the other accessories and follow focus.

It can not use a heavy camera and lens more than the recommended weight, and there is a limit the length of the lens.

If it is not possible to change the G0 (center of gravity) points in sliding depending on the type of camera,it must be fitted with different weights.

Please see Maxicopter for more information about their MUVISTAR brushless gimbal camera rigs.

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