Cinematographer Karl Kim has come up with his own version of the camera slider. And bonus, Karl’s slider can handle comfortably those big heavy duty cine camera setups.

This is a simple slider designed to hold the weight of a full cinema camera setup. I also designed the rails to be fast and easy to setup. Let me know what you think- I plan to do a slight redesign, then make the slider available for sale.
Seven Jib courtesy of

For a micro production run the big price break comes at 50 units. At less than 10 units it’s still a custom machine rate more or less. At less than 50 units made per run, my guess is I’d have to sell a kit for about $1500. 50+ units a sled/4-5′ rail/ legs could be $1200 or maybe less. I still have to design and get pricing on a toggle brake- cause a machined aluminum toggle brake looks a lot better than an off the shelf steel toggle clamp.

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