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Charlie Chicken, Canine Artist – [1080p Shot on Sony FS7 + Slog 3 + S Gamut.Cine Filmconvert + Grain] Camera Nerd Version from Ed David on Vimeo.

This is the 1080p camera nerd version where we can all geek out about the new Sony FS7 camera and talk good things and bad things about it, compare it to other cameras that we own or don't own and pretty much not do tests or anything scientific, just waste valuable time until eventually we grow old and die.

Here's a real scientific test that is actually useful to people:

Charlie Chicken is a world-renowned canine artist. Originally a rescue from Puerto Rico, he works out of Brooklyn, NY, where his art has been featured in MOMA, the Louvre, and the Getty. This is his story.

TRT: 3 min. [Official selection] Puppy Pound International Film Festival.

Shot on the new Sony FS7 with leica-r 50 and 24mm 3-cam lenses.
Camera provided by my friend Bart McNeil at Omega Broadcast. I love these guys. Bart is very handsome and has a love for enchiladas!
We got Charlie from AARF – they are an amazing shelter.

Director/Editor/Colorist/Screenwriter/Voiceover: ED DAVID
Special thanks to: LILY HENDERSON + FRIENDS. Bart McNeil at Omega Broadcast. And of course AARF for letting us to adopt Charlie!! PLEASE ADOPT A RESCUE! There are so many of them that need homes!
Executive Producer: LARS VON TRIER
Shot on FS7 to internal media – xqd 32gb card. Camera was donated by Omega Broadcast. Shot s log 3 with s gamut.cine gamma. recorded to avc-intra codec. 4k recording up to 60 fps. for 180 fps stuff – went 1080p same codec avc-intra. Used 2 lenses – leica-r 50mm f1.4 and leica 24mm f2.0 . Set the iso to 1600 and for the 180 fps stuff set to 800 iso. Graded in da vinci resolve with film convert kodak lut. did slight modification to this – nothing that crazy .

The great:
Camera is incredibly ergonomic, small, and intuitive. the viewfinder – the weight – the balance – everything feels great. This camera is nothing short of a miracle for doc work.

the bad:
I couldn't find out if it had a waveform – so I was just protecting for the highlights. the zebra feature doesn't seem intuitive or perfect -hard to see blow out – also hard to make sure it was working okay. hope there is a future firmware upgrade to fix this. there is some jello – not too bad, but not as good as the alexa. Also the menu system is crazy hard to figure out like the f5 and f55. shooting super slo mo had some pretty blocky noise – maybe going to an external recorder will be better. I have so much faith especially seeing fs700 internal slo mo vs fs700 to odyssey 7q slo mo.

but overall – can you really complain with a camera that costs 9k and basically a Sony F5.

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