From Hive Lighting

How To Hive: Changing Color Temperature (VCT Dial) from Hive Lighting on Vimeo.

Hive’s lights offers fully tunable Variable Color Temperature(VCT) from 4000K – 7000K degrees Kelvin.

As well as the ability to shift all the way to a deep blue moonlight. The VCT Dial allows the user to track the natural shift of the Sun over the course of a day and warm or cool a scene creatively without the use of gels.

The dial sends a small voltage signal, which changes the chemical composition of the plasma reaction inside the bulb.

This allows the VCT system to change the color temperature of the Hive fixture with the simple turn of a dial, taking a mere 10 seconds to shift the bulbs color through out the entire daylight range.

While shifting the white light emitted across the kelvin scale, it preserves plasma’s full spectrum output without any green/magenta shift.

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