Speaking at Photokina 2010, Carl Zeiss Senior Vice President of the Camera Lens Division, Dr. Winfried Scherle, announced that more lens models are in the pipeline.

Carl Zeiss is continuing to experience strong demand for its top-quality manual focus lenses for SLR cameras. The ZE series SLR lenses with an EF mount and its ZF.2 series lenses are proving to be particularly popular. The company’s SLR product family now offers focal lengths ranging from 18 to 100 mm.

“We intend to continue systematically expanding our portfolio of SLR camera lenses to provide our customers with an even greater range of options,” Scherle said.

Based on the market situation, the division will focus on SLR lenses from the ZE and ZF.2 series in the future.

Dynamic outlook for HDSLR video
The Carl Zeiss Camera Lens Division is seeing a growing trend towards video production using DSLR cameras, with more and more cameras offering the ability to record HD videos. Winfried Scherle adds: “The Compact Prime CP.2 lenses we unveiled in April are a highly innovative product in the field of professional HDSLR, and they have met with a fantastic response in what is still a relatively young sector. With such exceptionally dynamic growth, demand for these lenses has far exceeded our expectations.” One of the unique features of the Compact Prime CP.2 series is that it allows you to change the camera mount, which means you can use the lenses not only on cameras with a PL mount but also on HDSLR cameras with F or EF mounts. Carl Zeiss will also soon be offering the Compact Prime CP.2 lenses with Micro 4/3 and Sony A mounts.

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