Canon asked Casey Warren from Mindcastle to create a cinematic piece that highlights the new professional level service support & education centre that accompanied the launch of the Canon Cinema EOS product line.

This video premiered at the Hollywood Paramount Studios Canon CINEMA EOS C300 camera launch event on November the 3rd.

Tech/gear: We shot this piece using 5d Mark II’s and 1D Mark IV’s along with various EOS lenses. ( 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 70-200mm, and 100mm macro )

Sound was recorded onto a Sound Devices 702 field recorder and 302 mixer with a Schoeps CMC 641 microphone. ( This piece doesnt feature the interviews, but each individual depts. video features the various interviews we shot with key people at Canon )

Our support gear ranged from flying the 5d on the Steadicam Flyer LE to shooting with it in simple/ light set-up on monopods.

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