At the end of this interview from listen to Naoki Koyama, Canon European Broadcast Products Director talk about a mini Road Map for Canon EOS Cinema cameras. According to Naoki we can expect to see over the next three years a continuous release of lower end and higher end Canon EOS Cinema series cameras. Also keep an eye out at the start for the swivel screen on the C300 Cinema camera.

This is just the starting point so at this moment we have only just shown one product. Of course our plan is to extend, we really want to keep developing new products. Some maybe higher range or lower range. You will see more products in the coming three years continuously. Naoki Koyama, Canon European Broadcast Products Director

Part of Canons EOS C300 presentation at the Paramount Studios in Hollywood was a panel discussion with Canon executives and first users of the camera: Vincent Laforet (»Möbius«), Sam Nicholson (»Xxit«), Félix Alcalá (»Sword«)
Richard Crudo (»Max is Back«), Eliott Peck, Senior VP & GM Sales and Laurence J. Thorpe, Senior Director Imaging Technologies from Canon USA.

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