From the AbelCine At The Bench Series…

Canon’s Cine-Servo 17-120, with its versatile zoom range and 31.7mm image circle, has proven to be popular with our clients. However, depending on what camera you are shooting with, there will be some extra things to take into consideration, such as adapters, power options, support, and more.

In my video above, I will do a rundown of how to mount the lens on various cameras, including the Sony FS7 and F55, Canon C500, and Arri AMIRA.

Since the 17-120 is a great option for those wanting a familiar ENG design when combined with a Super35 body, hopefully this will make things a bit easier when using the lens on the camera of your choice.

To read the full write up, visit the AbelCine blog: AbelCine.

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