All you need to know about EBU and Alan Roberts tests and recommendations for the Canon C300 Mark II camera can be taken from the section four on the findings for the camera.

Take a look as Alan recommends the camera as good for Tier 1 HD and Tier 2 UHD in the EBU – Tech 3335 White Paper:


4. Conclusion
The recording coder bit-rates (up to 410Mb/s) and bit-depths (10 and 12) would qualify the camera for R.118 Tier 1, for both HD and UHD. The sensor size qualifies it for Tier 1 but UHD requires full resolution (3840×2160) in each of RG and B. Therefore the camera can qualify for Tier 1 in HD but only for Tier 2 in UHD.
Noise levels are good, the camera easily qualifies for Tier 1 in HD, and for Tier 2 in UHD provided the Canon Log 2 setting is used. With noise reduction set at not more than 5, the qualification holds up to ISO6400 (30dB gain), and the levels of aliasing drop virtually to zero. Dynamic range is very good – the Canon Log 2 settings deliver up to 15 stops, Canon Log delivers about 13.5 stops, BT.709 delivers about 11 stops.
Although the correspondence between ISO and Gain settings sets the base level of 0dB gain at ISO 200, the specifications refer to ISO 800 when dealing with noise and sensitivity. At ISO 800 and 1/50 shutter, the sensitivity is between F/10 and F/11 when using BT.709 preset, F/10 for Canon Log and F/9 for Canon Log 2 – this is to produce 50% video level with 18% reflectance lit at 2000 lux.
Infra-red response is negligible.
Motion portrayal can be affected by the ‘rolling-shutter’ scanning, but is a problem only with very short shutter durations.
Overall, the camera qualifies for R.118 Tier 1 in HD and Tier 2 in UHD.

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